Well done for trying out our Multiply quiz. Here are the answers. Don’t worry if you got them wrong. We have some amazing courses running to help improve your numeracy skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a maths expert of a total beginner, our courses can help. For more information email learningskills@gateshead.gov.uk or call us on 0191 433 8646.
The correct answers are below in RED.

1. You’re off to the pub and you have £40 to spend. The bus into town is £2.75 each way, you’ll need £2.20 for a bag of chips, and you owe your mate a fiver from the other night. How much do you have to spend in the pub?
a. £27.30
b. £22.70
c. £30.05

2. The tills are down at work and the boss says you all need to use a calculator instead. A customers wants to buy a shirt that’s priced at £22. It has 15% off- how much does the customer need to pay?
a. £20.50
b. £7.00
c. £18.70

3. You’re getting your bathroom retiled and you need to calculate how many tiles you need for the walls. Do you:
a. Google it
b. Have a good guess and hope for the best
c. Take the size of the walls into the shop to work it out for you

4. Your 10-year-old has come home with some maths homework- ratio! They need to answer the following question:
A flapjack requires 240g of oats. This makes 18 flapjacks. What quantity of oats is needed to make 24 flapjacks?
a. 224g
b. 320g
c. 426g